The Crown ConceptFrom business case to divestment - asset and investment management.

We take responsibility for the whole process of your property investment.




Processing, Management and Sale.

Offices and restaurants.

One of Sweden’s largest rental projects during the period.

46.000 m² where 42.000 were rented during the period.

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Hemfosa – Kronfastigheter

Management and Processing

Offices, industrial, retail and residential

28 properties

140.000 m²

Value 1.3 billion SEK

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Acquisition, Holding and Sale

Retail and industrial facilities

Made 35% of the fund’s investments with a total value of approximately 5.5 billion SEK

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Landic VIII – Municipalfastigheter

Management, Processing and Sale

Portfolio of public properties, mostly governmental tenants, police houses and court houses.

Sold in February 2011

57 Properties

303 000 m²

Value 2.2 billion SEK

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The Crown Concept

Business case

We ensure the client needs in a focused, effective and solution-oriented manner. This includes the dealflow via broker networks and/or initiating offmarket deals to create business cases. We scan the market and find “blind spots”, objects and offices with business opportunities.


As an intermediary between seller and buyer, we lead the business case process forward. We participate in all necessary negotiations, including due diligence, the financing purchase process and assisting in the negotiations of financing solutions.

Process management

We lead the implementation of business plans and handle contacts with strategic tenants and asset management-related real estate services. This includes active property management and project development, ensuring that we acquire the right contractors for each individual area.


We take an active role in the divestment and sales process, to ensure an attractive return on investments. As your point of contact in Sweden we provide advice, economic reports and participation in all negotiations as needed.